Genesis Endeavor

Since this is my first blog post, I figured I would talk about the meaning behind the title of my first book series, “Genesis Endeavor”.

In literal terms, “Genesis” refers to the beginning, a creation, or a birth.  “Endeavor” is basically an effort, whether used as a verb or a noun.  So a “Genesis Endeavor” could easily mean the beginning of a great effort.  While this literal translation certainly fits my story, it isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

I think of “Genesis” as the creation of something, and in this case, it is the creation of mankind.  However, mankind already exists in my story and is on the verge of extinction, so in effect, “Genesis” is referring to a rebirth, a revitalization, and a new beginning.

An “Endeavor” usually involves a journey of some kind.  Not necessarily a journey measured in distance, but rather a journey to attain knowledge, experience, enlightenment, or even something as simple as a material object.  A journey means overcoming challenges, and striving to reach a goal.

In my mind, the Genesis Endeavor is a journey toward the rebirth of humanity.

My first story has a lot to do with rebirth, or being given a second chance at life.  The greater motive for bringing back people from the past, who I refer to as “reborn”, is to revitalize humanity and bring it back from the edge of extinction.  Regardless of that greater motive, each character is given a second chance at life, quite a gift considering their first lives were cut short.  Their challenge doesn’t just lie in repopulating a devastated planet, but in finding a way to live this life without forgetting the lessons they learned the first time around.

This series is not just about the journey toward the rebirth of humankind, it is also about the journey toward rebuilding a culture that will not ultimately destroy itself by repeating history.  To me, that is what a “Genesis Endeavor” really entails.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have.

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