Immortal, Genesis Endeavor volume 2.

I have finally completed my next novel!  It is available on Amazon in eBook form and the paperback will be available in the coming days.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and I hope it lives up to what my readers were expecting!  The chapter I posted a few months ago ended up as the Prologue and a new Chapter 1 was written.  You can get a ~40 page preview at the above link.

As with all my books, it is available through Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime Books for borrowing for free!  (I actually get a larger royalty for a full read through the borrow program than from a sale!)  To use Amazon Prime, you have to use an actual Kindle device (ie Kindle, Paperwhite, or Fire tablet) and search for the book there.  You will have the option to borrow it for free as a Prime member.

Although I don’t want to commit to anything, I am currently planning both a third full volume in this series as well as possibly doing some short prequel books covering both the early wars and the fall of the Enclaves of Science!Immortal_Cover_Small

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